Apply for admission

To enroll in UWSSLEC courses you need to be eligible for a teaching license in Wisconsin.

1. Select a Home Campus.

Decide whether you are pursuing a degree or simply pursuing licensure. Look carefully at the degree programs at each institution, consider the particular strengths of each campus, and examine portfolio expectations and practicum requirements.

2. Apply for admission to the UWSSLEC program.

  • Complete the web application form:
  • For additional information, contact Carrie Lencho, Coordinator of Credit Outreach at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    • 1-800-621-5376
    • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Apply for Admission to the Graduate College at your home campus.

To take courses, you need to be admitted to the graduate college of your home campus. That process does not automatically enroll you in a graduate degree, it just allows you to take graduate courses on that campus. You will be asked to choose either “Special Student” or “Degree Candidate” when you apply. Choose “Special Student” only if you plan to take courses just for licensure and not work toward a graduate degree.

4. Apply to degree program.

Application to a degree program is a separate step. Make sure you check the specific requirement on the application form. If you select UW-Madison you must be enrolled in the graduate degree program specifically and should contact them before admission to UWSSLEC.

5. Enroll in Courses at Your Home Campus. Once you have been admitted to the UWSSLEC program and admitted to the graduate college of your home institution, you may enroll in one of the program courses. You will be contacted by the Coordinator of Credit Outreach several months before the semester starts to determine whether you plan to take a course that semester. It is vital that you keep your contact information current and respond to that contact to reserve a spot in the class. Failure to do this could result in being shut out of the course.